Tuesday, April 17

Remakes: Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday was a popular comedy that ran on Broadway for three years in the late 1940's.  It made a star of Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn, the ditzy, ex-chorus girl girlfriend of Harry Brock, a loud-mouthed, uncouth junk tycoon (Paul Douglas) who is in Washington to try to strike a deal with crooked politicians.  He hires a tutor (Gary Merrill) to teach his girlfriend some etiquette so that she may make a more favorable impression upon the political elite.

Friday, April 13

Good 50's Films: Oklahoma!

1955 Musical
From The Samuel Goldwyn Company
Directed by Fred Zinnemann

Gordon MacRae
Shirley Jones
Gene Nelson
Gloria Grahame
Charlotte Greenwood
Eddie Albert
Rod Steiger
James Whitmore
Barbara Lawrence
Jay C. Flippen

Tuesday, April 10

Good 50's Films: From Here to Eternity

1953 Romance Drama
From Columbia Pictures
Directed by Fred Zinnemann

Burt Lancaster
Montgomery Clift
Deborah Kerr
Donna Reed
Frank Sinatra
Ernest Borgnine
Philip Ober
Jack Warden