Friday, June 23

REVIEW: The Hero

Directed by Brett Haley
2017 Drama
1 hour 33 minutes
From The Orchard

Sam Elliott
Laura Prepon
Nick Offerman
Krysten Ritter
Katharine Ross

Tuesday, June 20

Madeline Kahn

Someone once described her as a Boticelli cracking a malicious grin.  I regarded her as the high priestess of movie comediennes in the 1970s whose deadpan expressions drove me crazy with laughter and whose voice was truly her best instrument. She was a sensation on Broadway, a multiple Tony nominee, and she admitted she owed her movie career mainly to Mel Brooks with an extra nod to Peter Bogdanovich.  

Friday, June 16

More Odd Careers

Here we have 10 more actors who indeed had some odd careers.  Some had a famous role... and then nothing.  There are even a couple of Oscar nominees.  Several were young and simply never graduated to adult roles.  Some come from acting families and didn't make the cut.  Some were very talented.  Let's see who they are.