Friday, May 18

Western Character Actors

These character actors have populated so many westerns, particularly those in the 1950's and later, that fans of the genre would recognize the faces of many of them.  Some of you may recognize some of their names as well.  We aren't doing lengthy bios this time nor would I want to try your patience mentioning even most of their movies.  Let's face it, character actors have usually appeared in far more films than leading actors could possibly manage.  It's the photographs that may be the most fun this time.

Tuesday, May 15

Good 50's Films: The Searchers

1956 Western
From Warner Bros
Directed by John Ford

John Wayne
Jeffrey Hunter
Vera Miles
Ward Bond
Natalie Wood
John Qualen
Olive Carey
Ken Curtis
Harry Carey Jr.
Henry Brandon
Hank Worden
Walter Coy
Dorothy Jordan
Patrick Wayne

Friday, May 11

Audie Murphy and Wanda Hendrix

They were two tempestuous Lilliputians who had bad tempers, full enemy camps, unexceptional Hollywood careers, a brief marriage and short lives.  Audie Murphy gathered some fame for his decidedly B westerns but it was based on a greater fame as the most decorated war hero of WWII.  Wanda Hendrix, ever the southern belle, was gorgeous and sexy but is barely remembered at all.  Let's visit.