Friday, December 8

Claudette Colbert

Gossip maven Hedda Hopper once said of Claudette Colbert that she was the smartest, canniest, smoothest 18-karat lady I've ever seen cross the Hollywood pike.  That doesn't completely cover it but it's a good place to start.  I, too, always thought she was quite the lady, on screen and off.  Let the others run amok, but not Colbert.  It's apparent she thought well of herself and was not about to become embroiled in tawdry newspaper coverage or cheesecake photos or allow her personal life to become fodder for her many fans. 

Tuesday, December 5

Alice Faye

There's a temptation to call her a reluctant movie star and yet that doesn't quite capture the facts.  The truth is more like movies weren't everything to her as they are for so many who make them.  Hollywood history is bulging with stories of men and women who would do anything to hit the big time and most everything else was a distant second.  She was never a part of that crowd.  Her personal life, especially family and spending time with them, was far more important to her and she tended to think of being a performer as just a job.  She said she could take the movies or leave them and one day she would prove it. 

Friday, December 1

Good 30s Films: Alexander's Ragtime Band

1938 Musical Drama
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Henry King

Tyrone Power
Alice Faye
Don Ameche
Ethel Merman
Jack Haley
Paul Hurst
John Carradine
Chick Chandler