Friday, February 23

Remakes: My Favorite Wife

Loosely based on Alfred Lord Tennyson's 1864 poem, Enoch Arden, these comical movies concern the return of a shipwrecked wife on the very day her husband marries another woman.  The husband has waited the appropriate seven years for her to be declared legally dead.  If that isn't complicated enough, she spent the entire time on a desert island with a hunky dude who'd like to make their relationship more permanent.  The laughs are aplenty as the husband tries to hide his first wife from his bride and the wife tries to hide her island companion from her husband.

Tuesday, February 20

Good 80s Films: Shoot the Moon

1982 Drama
From MGM
Directed by Alan Parker

Albert Finney
Diane Keaton
Karen Allen
Peter Weller
Dana Hill

Friday, February 16

REVIEW: Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

Directed by Paul McGuigan
2017 Biographical Romance Drama
1 hour 45 minutes
From Sony Pictures Classics

Annette Bening
Jamie Bell
Julie Walters
Stephen Graham
Kenneth Cranham
Frances Barber
Vanessa Redgrave