Friday, October 31

Three More from Fox

Here are three more actresses who were under contract to 20th Century Fox.  All came to our attention in the mid-late 50s but were still around in the 60s and later.  One thing that makes this trio a bit more bonded than some others we've written about is they were the stars of 1959s The Best of Everything.

Tuesday, October 28

The Directors: Robert Aldrich

It may be that his name is not as familiar to the general public as some of his more heralded contemporaries.  But I think I can assure you that you have heard of many of his films, some of which could even be among your favorites.  Much of his work holds up quite well.  He was fond of the anti-hero and often placed him in a tug-of-war with his principles. 

Friday, October 24

REVIEW: St. Vincent

Directed by Theodore Melfi
2014 Comedy Drama
1 hour 42 minutes
From the Weinstein Company

Bill Murray
Melissa McCarthy
Naomi Watts
Jaeden Lieberher
Chris O'Dowd
Terrence Howard

Tuesday, October 21

Jackie B

When I first came across Jacqueline Bisset in the 1960s, I found her to be one of the most beautiful actresses I had ever seen.  Adding to the lustre was that she seemed so unaffected by her beauty which made her all the more alluring to me.  If that wasn't enough, her voice, so clear and direct, often seemed like it wanted to start speaking French mid-sentence.  Then she really had me.  It's a love affair that continues to this day.

Saturday, October 18

REVIEW: The Best of Me

Directed by Michael Hoffman
2014 Romance Drama
1 hour 57 minutes
From Relativity Media

Michelle Monaghan
James Marsden
Luke Bracey
Lianna Liberato
Gerald McRaney

Tuesday, October 14

Good 60s Films: Two for the Road

1967 Comedy Drama
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Stanley Donen

Audrey Hepburn
Albert Finney
William Daniels
Eleanor Bron
Gabrielle Middleton
Claude Dauphin
Nadia Gray
Jacqueline Bisset

Friday, October 10

REVIEW: The Judge

Directed by David Dobkin
2014 Drama
2 hours 21 minutes
From Warner Bros. and
Village Roadshow

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Duvall
Vera Farmiga
Billy Bob Thornton
Vincent D'Onofrio
Jeremy Strong
Dax Shepard
Leighton Meester
Ken Howard

Tuesday, October 7

Battling Coworkers

Of course we've all had coworkers we didn't get on with, maybe didn't speak to or had a battle royal.  Movie stars can have the same problems and some of those times it hits the press.  And often when their feuds make the news, it's called creative differences.  Other times one or more of the parties deliberately alerts the press.  Some are just plain difficult to get on with and a few to follow have actually been in more feuds than the one I am listing.  Be sure to duck.

Saturday, October 4

REVIEW: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Directed by Peter Chelsom
2014 Comedy-Drama
1 hour 54 minutes
From Relativity

Simon Pegg
Rosamund Pike
Toni Collette
Stellan SkarsgÄrd
Jean Reno
Sebelethu Bonkolo
S'Thandiwe Kgoroge
Christopher Plummer

Friday, October 3

REVIEW: Gone Girl

Directed by David Fincher
2014 Crime Drama
2 hours 29 minutes
From 20th Century Fox
and Regency Films

Ben Affleck
Rosamund Pike
Neil Patrick Harris
Tyler Perry
Carrie Coon
Kim Dickens
Patrick Fugit
David Clennon
Lisa Banes
Sela Ward