Saturday, October 31


Directed by James Vanderbilt
2015 Biographical Drama
2 hours 1 minute
From Sony Pictures Classics

Cate Blanchett
Robert Redford
Topher Grace
Dennis Quaid
Elisabeth Moss
Bruce Greenwood
Stacy Keach
David Lyons
John Benjamin Hickey
Dermot Mulroney

Rachael Blake

Friday, October 30


Directed by Lenny Abrahamson
2015 Drama
1 hour 58 minutes
From A24 Pictures

Brie Larson
Jacob Tremblay
Joan Allen
Tom McCamus
Sean Bridgers
William H. Macy

Tuesday, October 27

RIP Maureen O'Hara

She was blunt, feisty, passionate, proud and fearless, both on the screen and off.  I regarded her as one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses.  That flaming red hair, emerald green eyes and creamy complexion coaxed the film capital into calling her The Queen of Technicolor.  And indeed she was.  Her associations with director John Ford and actor John Wayne proved she could stand toe-to-toe with the guys, engage in some impressive battles and never lose her femininity.  

Friday, October 23

Good 40s Films: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

1947 Fantasy Drama
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Gene Tierney
Rex Harrison
George Sanders
Edna Best
Robert Coote
Natalie Wood
Vanessa Brown

Tuesday, October 20

Linda Darnell

There are actresses who never seem to mesh well within the gates of Tinseltown.  On some level, of course, they have talent and looks and desire.  There are often others who champion them, guide them, nurture them.  In the 1930s, 40s and 50s particularly, there were studios to groom them, dress them, teach them, showcase them.  Some are lured by fame and fortune and a determination to have it at any cost once the ride begins.  And the cost comes.  And sometimes it comes with tragedy.

Friday, October 16

REVIEW: Steve Jobs

Directed by Danny Boyle
2015 Biographical Drama
2 hours 2 minutes
From Universal Pictures

Michael Fassbender
Kate Winslet
Seth Rogen
Jeff Daniels
Michael Stuhlbarg
Katherine Waterston
Ripley Sobo
Perla Haney-Jardine

Wednesday, October 14

REVIEW: The Walk

Directed by Robert Zemeckis
2015 Drama
2 hours 3 minutes
From Tri Star Pictures

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Charlotte Le Bon
Ben Kingsley
Clément Sibony
César Domboy
James Badge Dale
Ben Schwartz
Steve Valentine

Tuesday, October 13

Alexis Smith

Statuesque has often been used to describe her and it is an appropriate appellation.  Her height of 5'9" certainly was helpful as was that hair piled high upon her lovely head.  On the screen or off, she was never a slouch in the wardrobe department either, more than filling out those big-girl shoulder pads.  A smoky, husky voice suggested an air of seduction.  She had a demeanor that smacked of aristocracy, a manner that could be dismissive and a look that said I dare you.  I knew she was my kind of actress from the moment I saw her.  

Friday, October 9

RIP: Moochie

I can't believe he's passed away.  I can oh so easily close my eyes and see the little tyke throwing rocks at his brother Travis and screaming it's my dog.  Kevin Corcoran is gone?  He was 66?    Where did all the time go?

Tuesday, October 6

Peekaboo: Veronica Lake

One ponders how she felt being most famous for a hairstyle...  more so than for her acting chops, which is too bad. In film noir she stood out as a femme fatale actress and there was no doubt she was a troubled and troublesome one.  By the time Veronica Lake waved goodbye to Hollywood, they were quite happy to see her go.

Friday, October 2

Good 40s Films: The Razor's Edge

1946 Drama
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Edmund Goulding

Tyrone Power
Gene Tierney
John Payne
Anne Baxter
Clifton Webb
Herbert Marshall
Lucile Watson