Tuesday, July 31

Home Before Dark: Favorite Movie #32

1958 Drama
From Warner Bros
Directed by Mervyn LeRoy

Jean Simmons
Dan O'Herlihy
Rhonda Fleming
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Mabel Albertson
Steve Dunne
Joanna Barnes
Joan Weldon
Kathryn Card

Friday, July 27

Aldo Ray

We had a bromance when I was around 11 or 12 years of age.  My family had just moved to Los Angeles.  He never knew even though I saw him now and then at the market.  Always with my mother, I peeked at him over the potato chips display and thought it best not to let her know. The bromance burned brightly and burned out quickly.  I moved on.  I changed.  He changed.  Still, when I see his films today (and I have seen three this month alone), I smile about those long ago days.

Wednesday, July 25

REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Action Crime Drama
2 hours 44 minutes
From Warner Bros

Christian Bale
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tom Hardy
Anne Hathaway
Marion Cotillard
Gary Oldman
Morgan Freeman
Michael Caine
Matthew Modine
Tom Conti
William Devane
Liam Neeson
Cillian Murphy

Tuesday, July 24

Making Love: Favorite Movie #33

1982 Drama
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Arthur Hiller

Michael Ontkean
Kate Jackson
Harry Hamlin
Wendy Hiller
Arthur Hill
Nancy Olson

Friday, July 20

Ernie & Celeste

It sure seems to me that a lot of showbiz types are passing away these days.  The same occurred to two buddies the other day when we met for lunch.  We tried to come up with actors in their 90s who were still alive.  I recall us mentioning the DeHavilland sisters (well, that's what I call them) and Kirk Douglas and some others and we also mentioned Ernest Borgnine.  We had a laugh over the fact that Borgnine is 95 and Douglas 95 and they played father and son in 1958's rousing The Vikings.  Before I had my next meal that day, I heard on the news that old Ernie passed away.  I pondered warning the others.

Tuesday, July 17

If It's Tuesday It Must Be Weld

Pardon the pun of the title.  I borrowed from the film If It's Tuesday It Must Be Belgium because it seemed like the right thing to do.  Tuesday Weld was the bad girl of her day, the sex-kitten vixen.  Her name and behavior often hit the newspapers and were fodder for movie magazine fans.  She is only a year and a couple of months older than I am, so she's always been my girl.  She was me.  She was more rebellious and more liberated than I was, but I longed to join her in her travels and her mercurial ways.

Friday, July 13

Jeremiah Johnson: Favorite Movie #34

1972 Western Drama
From Warner Bros.
Directed by Sydney Pollack

Robert Redford
Will Geer
Delle Bolton
Josh Albee
Stefan Gierasch
Joaquin Martinez
Allyn Ann McLerie

Tuesday, July 10

Quiz 4

Each set of 4 actors were featured in the same movie and your job, should you choose to accept it, is to name the movie.  Oh yeah, in most cases, the first two or three top-billed stars are missing.  Are you game?

Friday, July 6

With the Beat, Beat, Beat of the Tom-Tom

Do you hear the drums across the land?  They're beat, beat, beating the message that Tom and Katie are divorcing.  It's getting louder and louder each day.  They are calling it the "divorce shocker."  Are you shocked?  Huh?  C'mon, you know you're not.  First of all, in general, we're rarely surprised when a movie star couple divorces.  We're more shocked when they meet some milestone in wedded togetherness.  While I am not married to my partner, we've been together 36 years.  Now THAT'S a shocker.  But old Tom (he's just turned 50) and his bevy of actress-wives don't last long, do they?  Soon we'll refer to Katie simply as Number Three and there will be a four and perhaps a five.  Can you imagine?  But hey Cary Grant had five wives so why can't Tom?

Tuesday, July 3

REVIEW: People Like Us

Directed by Alex Kurtzman
1 hour 55 minutes
From Dreamworks

Chris Pine
Elizabeth Banks
Olivia Wilde
Michael Hall D'Adarrio
Jon Favreau
Michelle Pfeiffer