Friday, August 31

A Sad Gig

Life started sad for him, most of his 64 years were sad and the ending... well, yes, the ending... couldn't have been sadder had it been produced by Hollywood.  And of course in some ways it had been.  I am not sure why some studio hasn't grabbed a good writer to scribble down Gig Young's story.  It would be a tragic yet memorable story.  Here is how it unfolded:

Tuesday, August 28

Laura: Favorite Movie #29

1944 Film Noir
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Otto Preminger

Gene Tierney
Dana Andrews
Clifton Webb
Vincent Price
Judith Anderson

Wednesday, August 22

REVIEW: Sparkle

Directed by Salim Akil
Musical Drama
1 hour 56 minutes
From Tri Star

Jordin Sparks
Whitney Houston
Carmen Ejogo
Tika Sumpter
Derek Luke
Mike Epps
Omari Hardwicke

Tuesday, August 21

An Afternoon at the Movies

I went alone.  My partner was busy elsewhere and wasn't enamored of seeing the film I wanted to see.  Once I organized my thoughts I decided well, hell, why not see two movies then?  I checked it out and by God there was another one that fit the bill.  They were playing at my local 16-screen movie palace, a mere eight minutes away and if that weren't enough, it was free popcorn day.  I did confirm the times and, more importantly, the waiting time in between movies.  Ah, only 40 minutes.  I could return to the car and relax.

Friday, August 17

Gone with the Wind: Favorite Movie #30

1939 Drama
From Selznick International
Directed by Victor Fleming

Clark Gable
Vivien Leigh
Leslie Howard
Olivia DeHavilland
Thomas Mitchell
Hattie McDaniel
Barbara O'Neill
Ann Rutherford
Evelyn Keyes
Ona Munson
Butterfly McQueen
Ward Bond
Victor Jory
George Reeves

Tuesday, August 14

Ghosts at Westwood

Why am I sitting on the ground against a tree?  Why is it dark?   Rubbing my eyes I see I am still at the Westwood Village Memorial Park in the Los Angeles area.  The cemetery is plopped right in the middle of a busy city, an odd but prestigious location.  Didn't I leave earlier in the day after touring the gravesites?  Mmmmm, I moaned softly, rubbing my sleeveless arms.  It's kind of nippy for a Southern California night in September.  Oh yes, oh yes, now I remember hitting my head on an overhanging branch and sinking to the ground..  Damn that hurt.   

Friday, August 10

REVIEW: Ruby Sparks

Directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
Fantasy Comedy Drama
1 hour 43 minutes
From Fox Searchlight

Paul Dano
Zoe Kazan
Chris Messina
Antonio Banderas
Annette Bening
Elliott Gould

Tuesday, August 7

The Last of the Mohicans: Favorite Movie #31

1992 Historical Drama
From 20th Century Fox
Directed by Michael Mann

Daniel Day-Lewis
Madeleine Stowe
Russell Means
Wes Studi
Eric Schweig
Jodhi May
Steven Waddington

Friday, August 3

Kim Novak

I just finished watching 1954's Pushover, the first starring film made by the astonishingly beautiful Kim Novak.  I can see why cop Fred MacMurray went to the dark side for her.  She was so alluring, so seductive and spoke in that breathless manner popularized by Marilyn Monroe.