Tuesday, August 27

The Directors: George Seaton

How George Seaton first came to my attention, way back in the mid-50s, was when he made films with William Holden, an actor I was already pretty nuts about, and whose career I think was benefited by his working relationship with Seaton and perhaps vice versa as well. Seaton is the director who guided Grace Kelly to her Oscar, another reason I would take notice of his work.

Friday, August 23

John Payne

I don't know that John Payne would be on anyone's best actor list or that he would even be thought of in the upper echelons of Hollywood history.  He was, however, a completely capable and reliable actor, which is likely how most actors should be categorized.  More to the point is I really quite liked him.  His career was coming to an end around the time I discovered movies but I made certain to catch up on most everything he did.

Tuesday, August 20

Picture Quiz 1

Here we go with your newest quiz, but this is a first.  It's a picture quiz.  I provide the scene from a film, you name the film.  This is so easy you could probably ace it while watching Jerry Springer.  Let's find out.  No scoring.  Only 10 of them.  Answers at the end of next posting.  C'mon.  You can do it.

Friday, August 16

REVIEW: The Butler

Directed by Lee Daniels
2013 Historical Biography
2 hours 12 minutes
From The Weinstein Company

Forrest Whitaker
Oprah Winfrey
David Oyewolo
Terrence Howard
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Lenny Kravitz
David Banner
Yaya Alafia
Adriane Lenox
Clarence Williams III
Alex Pettyfer
Vanessa Redgrave
Mariah Carey

Tuesday, August 13

Femme Fatale: Jane Greer

The appellation goes to an actress I've always admired, lovely Jane Greer.  Lemme tell you, folks, she knocked me senseless in 1947s Out of the Past, arguably the best film noir ever made.  (And I say arguably because there are so many superior ones that I get a nosebleed just thinking of the high numbers.)  One thing that is usually required in noir is a bad girl.  Kathie Moffatt in Out of the Past is just about the best bad girl there ever was.  

Friday, August 9

REVIEW: Blue Jasmine

Directed by Woody Allen
2013 Drama
1 hour 38 minutes
From Sony Pictures Classics

Cate Blanchett
Sally Hawkins
Alec Baldwin
Bobby Cannavale
Andrew Dice Clay
Alden Ehrenreich
Louis C. K.
Peter Sarsgaard

Tuesday, August 6

Briefly, Robert Francis

His story is one of those starry-eyed Hollywood tales.  Now it's a period piece from the early 1950s. A handsome gay man in his early 20s, a dreamboat really, wants to make it in Hollywood.  That comment could be taken a couple of ways, so go ahead.  Do that.  They both apply.  He was discovered tanning on a Santa Monica beach.  A talent scout thought he had the makings of a viable commodity.  After the young stud got all worked up thinking of the fame and the easy money, he decided he wanted to be a star. 

Friday, August 2

The Big Country: Favorite Movie #9

1958 Western
From United Artists
Directed by William Wyler

Gregory Peck
Jean Simmons
Carroll Baker
Charlton Heston
Burl Ives
Charles Bickford
Alfonso Bedoya
Chuck Connors