Tuesday, May 30


Here are three more actors who have added immeasurably to the films they have appeared in but despite looks and talents have never become the big stars they likely once aspired to be. I can't say that I have particularly followed their careers and yet I gave seen them all in countless films.  I suspect what they have in common is a certain blandness, which, unless one is Harrison Ford, it doesn't turn into a golden career.  Let's see who they are and perhaps enjoy a trip down Memory Lane.

Friday, May 26

The Directors: Paul Schrader

He was more successful and renowned as a screenwriter than a director and in both fields the result was edgy, noirish, brutal, sexual and existential and often focused on social alienation and cultural revolt.  There is no doubt he deserved his place among
that movie brat club of directors of the late 70s although he only made two films in that decade.  

Tuesday, May 23

Jill Clayburgh

For awhile in the late 1970s, Jill Clayburgh and I had a little romance, although she was unaware of it.  She made her mark playing strong, independent women and that was and is my favorite kind of woman.  She and Fonda, Dunaway, Burstyn, Marsha Mason and a few others ruled in those days and I saw most all of their films.  Clayburgh, in particular, though seemed to be more accessible than the others and she had a wonderful flair for comedy.

Friday, May 19

Julie Christie

Anticipation was feverish when Rex Harrison took to the podium in 1966 to announce the best actress winner for 1965. There were two British Julies in contention and most expected the last name to be called would be Andrews for her world-famous performance as Maria in the mega-hit The Sound of Music.  But the surname he called out was Christie and for a little-known film (in the States) called Darling.  It seemed astonishing and even more so because she was not nominated for her own mega-hit the same year, Dr. Zhivago. The world would sit up and take notice of everything this beauty would do but stardom would never be her cup of tea.

Tuesday, May 16

Good 70s Films: Tim

1979 Romance Drama
From The Australian Film Commission
Directed by Michael Pate

Piper Laurie
Mel Gibson
Alwyn Kurtz
Deborah Kennedy
Pat Evison
David Foster

Friday, May 12

The Directors: Milos Forman

He was a director of early Czech New Wave comedies who came to American films in the early 70s and directed an impressive but small collection of them about rebels, eccentrics and unlovable celebrities.  Due to his upbringing, he found the subject matter he wanted to explore in most of his films... the outsider who resists giving in to those who want to control his life.  He has enjoyed themes of liberty and free speech. After arriving on American shores he rather quickly won two Oscars for best direction. He seemed to have much to say so one wonders why he has worked so little as a movie director.

Tuesday, May 9

Good 70s Films: Hair

1979 Musical
From United Artists
Directed by Milos Forman

John Savage
Treat Williams
Beverly D'Angelo
Annie Golden
Dorsey Wright
Don Dacus
Cheryl Barnes
Miles Chapin
Charlotte Rae
Renn Woods
Nell Carter
Michael Jeter

Friday, May 5

Jason Robards

He was one of those powerful actors... booming voice, intimidating presence, a messenger of raw honesty.  He made 56 big-screen appearances, countless and often most prestigious television movies and revered Broadway performances.  Jason Robards was not only considered the premier interpreter of playwright Eugene O'Neill, but that work owes Robards a debt of gratitude for keeping the plays in the public's consciousness.

Tuesday, May 2

Good 70s Films: Robin and Marian

1976 Romance Adventure
From Columbia Pictures
Directed by Richard Lester

Sean Connery
Audrey Hepburn
Robert Shaw
Nicol Williamson
Denholm Elliott
Ian Holm
Richard Harris