Tuesday, April 28

Good 60s Films: Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell

1968 Comedy
From United Artists
Directed by Melvin Frank

Gina Lollobrigida
Shelley Winters
Phil Silvers
Peter Lawford
Telly Savalas
Lee Grant
Janet Margolin
Philippe Leroy
Marian Moses
Naomi Stevens

Friday, April 24

The Sound of 50 Years

I had the happiest experience two days ago in a movie theater that I have had in years and years.  I again saw The Sound of Music on the big screen.  Unless you've been away from the planet, you know this is the 50th anniversary of one of the finest films ever made, musical or not. 

Tuesday, April 21

The Directors: Sidney Lumet

His artistry as a director is legendary.  Much like Hollywood director Stanley Kramer, Lumet, known as a New York director with many of his films being made there, cherished making social dramas with a slight leftist leaning.  Many actors wanted to work for him and why not since he steered 18 of them to Oscar nominations.  I wonder who else can say that.  Not all of his films are well-regarded but there are more than a few that are true gems.

Friday, April 17

Bond Girls of the 60s

I am not an expert on James Bond films although I have seen every one of them and as long as I can crawl to the box office, I will see those to come.  I can't name all the villains or locales or cars or artillery.  I can't even name all the Bond girls but the ones from the 1960s, when the franchise began, still stick in my mind.  It seems that Bond girls could generally be called those with whom he wound up in bed.  I think, too, they were usually the good girls, but not always.  We'll not comment on their looks individually.  Space is limited and c'mon, there wasn't a homely one in the bunch.

Tuesday, April 14

Good 60s Films: Fanny

1961 Romance Drama
From Warner Bros
Directed by Joshua Logan

Leslie Caron
Horst Buchholz
Maurice Chevalier
Charles Boyer
Georgette Anys
Lionel Jeffries
Joel Flateau

Friday, April 10

REVIEW: Danny Collins

Directed by Dan Fogelman
2015 Comedy-Drama
1 hour 46 minutes
From Bleecker Street Media

Al Pacino
Annette Bening
Jennifer Garner
Bobby Cannavale
Christopher Plummer

Tuesday, April 7

Rock Hudson

In the 1950s and 1960s, he was Hollywood's golden boy.  He had the looks of those who descended from Mt. Olympus.  Not since the days of pretty boys Robert Taylor and Tyrone Power had the movies seen anyone this handsome.  He stood tall at 6'5" with a strong voice and one of the heartiest laughs in the business.  He also had a secret and a very dangerous one for the times but it was a far different Hollywood then than it is now and for the most part the movie folks and the press were willing to look the other way.

Friday, April 3

REVIEW: Woman in Gold

Directed by Simon Curtis
2015 Drama
1 hour 49 minutes
From The Weinstein Company

Helen Mirren
Ryan Reynolds
Daniel Brühl
Katie Holmes
Tatiana Maslany
Elizabeth McGovern
Charles Dance
Jonathan Pryce
Frances Fisher
Max Irons