Wednesday, May 16

Quiz 3

Here we go with your 3rd quiz.  Even though there are only 11 questions, there are still the same ol' 25 possible points.  One bit of advice... read carefully, don't jump to any hasty conclusions.  LOL.  Have fun.  Answers on Monday.

(1)  Name four women who won Best Actress Oscars for playing real-life singers:

(2)   Following are some of Fred Astaire's and Gene Kelly's dancing partners;  some have danced with just Fred, some with just Gene, some with both and one with neither.  Fill in the appropriate F, G, B or N.

___ Cyd Charisse
___ Judy Garland
___ Vera-Ellen
___ Joan Crawford 
___ Joan Leslie
___ Joan Fontaine
___ Jeanne Crain 
___ Mitzi Gaynor
___ Jane Powell
___ Leslie Caron  
___ Rita Hayworth
___ Betty Hutton

(3)  What actress has co-starred with each of the men listed in separate films (suppose there could be more than one answer but I only have one in mind): Ed Harris   Liam Neeson   Jack Nicholson   Jeff Bridges  

(4)   _______________ has played Meryl Streep's daughter, Russell Crowe's wife and Dominic West's squeeze.

(5)  What actor has co-starred with each of the women listed in separate films: Jennifer Lopez   Jane Fonda   Scarlett Johannson   Mia Farrow

(6)  _______________________ is the daughter of Jeanette Morrison and Bernie Schwartz. 

(7)  In 1954's Woman's World, Van Heflin, Fred MacMurray and Cornel Wilde were all vying for the same job.  Which one did Clifton Webb give it to?  (I'll get you some cookies and milk if you can tell me why that guy finally was chosen.)

(8)  One of the oddest pairings ever was June Allyson and Joan Collins in the remake of what movie?  

(9)  __________________ is the name of a Lassie movie in which the word "Lassie" was not in the title.

(10) In American Beauty, _______________ played Annette Bening's boss and occasional lover.

(11) Who among Barbara Bel Geddes, Suzanne Pleshette, Tallulah Bankhead, Shelley Winters, Doris Day and Marlene Dietrich is the only actress to not be featured in an Alfred Hitchcock movie?



23-25 correct

Superb.  You need tougher questions.


20-22 correct

Hey, maybe you should start a blog.


17-19 correct

You're showing a lot of potential.


12-16 correct

imdb is good resource material


15 and below

Sorry.  Know anything about football?

NEXT POST:  Favorite Film #38

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